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On Hospedia, online and on DAB Digital Radio across South Durham


On Hospedia, online and on DAB Digital Radio across South Durham


Feedback & Complaints


We’re always happy to hear from patients, staff and listeners about our service. If you want to comment on our music, programmes or presenters don’t hesitate to contact us.

Policy and Procedure for Handling Complaints

At Prince Bishops Hospital Radio, we strive to provide a high-quality service, and we are committed to delivering on this promise. However, if you find yourself dissatisfied with our service, we strongly encourage you to inform us. Talking to us will help us address and rectify any problems. All output broadcast by us is logged and retained for at least 42 days after the date of transmission.

Our approach to handling complaints is as follows:

  1. Objectivity and Fairness: We will handle all complaints in an unbiased and equitable manner.
  2. Independence: Complaints will be dealt with independently, ensuring an impartial resolution.
  3. Sensitivity and Respect: We will handle your complaint with sensitivity and respect for your perspective.
  4. Timeliness: We will address your complaint promptly and efficiently.

If you have any complaints regarding our service or any of our volunteers, please inform us immediately.

Our Complaints Procedure aims to facilitate the reporting of problems and ensure the following:

  1. Recording and Investigation: All complaints will be documented and thoroughly investigated.
  2. Early Resolution: Every effort will be made to resolve your complaint at an early stage.
  3. Communication: You will be kept informed at each stage of the complaint resolution process.
  4. Confidentiality: Your complaint will be handled in a confidential manner.

We maintain detailed records of all complaints to ensure proper investigation and gain insights into customer experiences. This enables us to continually improve our services.

Complaints will be investigated using various approaches. We will ensure that all parties involved have an opportunity to provide their perspectives. Additionally, we will inform you in writing about the individual responsible for investigating your complaint and the necessary steps we will take to address it. Anonymous complaints will be carefully reviewed by our Trustees to determine whether they appear to be discriminatory, vexatious or the investigation process is likely to be hindered by a lack of information, before we perform a detailed investigation.

We are committed to resolving your complaint in the most effective way possible. Rest assured that your complaint will be taken seriously, and we will learn from the issues you bring to our attention.

If after you have followed our complaints procedure you are still not satisfied, you can escalate the matter by one of the following routes:

Broadcasting related complaints : OFCOM
Non broadcasting relating complaints :  CDDFT NHS Trust

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