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Ray Oxley was our former Chairman and has been involved in hospital radio for many years. He presents a series of programmes such as The Comedy Hour, The Golden Years and the Chart Show.

Megan is one of our request collectors and presenters for the Wednesday night programme.

Craig is the station chairman and longest serving volunteer. You can hear him weekdays at 1pm, 7pm on Thursdays and 6pm on Sundays with Lindsay McElhone. We posed quick fire questions to Craig, this is how it went: Nicknames: I don’t really have one, or not one people call me to my face! I don’t […]

Richard is an honorary member of PBHR and he presents the A to Z of pop. Rumour has it that at somewhere on a radio station, Richard Smith’s programmes are being broadcast at every hour of the day. Richard is the brains behind ‘The Big Broadcast‘ which is a special live broadcast, networked across hospitals […]

Ruth is our members rep. She presents Soundtrack Sunday every week at 4pm. Ruth is also part of the Big Broadcast team.          

Simon is our programme controller. You can hear him Monday and Friday mornings from 10am.

John Williamson is an honorary member who is also the station manager at Bay Trust Radio. You can hear John every Saturday morning from 9am till midday.

Guest presenter Paul Baker has been working in the entertainment industry since 1991 when he was part of the charity station Radio Cracker. He presents a weekday magazine programme from 3pm till 5pm. Paul’s programmes are brought to you in collaboration with Aycliffe Radio.  

Alex East is a guest presenter who brings us ‘It’s only Rock n Roll’ every Sunday at midday.

Sheila Hamil is a guest presenter who brings us ‘New Day Dawning’ every Sunday morning at 7am. Sheila also broadcasts special programmes at Easter and Christmas time.

Gary Hogg, along with producer Karis Jones present the 10 times award winning ‘Geordie Hour’.  

Tony Lloyd is a guest presenter who brings us ‘Love From Tony’ every Sunday at 8pm. Tony is a professional radio presenter who has had a passionate interest and a varied career in radio since he was a teenager. He is also a director and Late Show presenter for All Oldies Radio.